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Sarah Kovac

An award-winning memoirist and journalist, Sarah Kovac writes about issues pertaining to health, parenting and tech.


New Autism Dispute: Is Circumcision a Factor?

A danish scientist suggests infant pain is at the heart of the disorder. Others disagree. In the U.S., slightly more than half of boys are circumcised at birth, a much higher percentage than in other industrialized nations. Proponents of circumcision cite lessened risks of sexual disease transmission and penile cancer as well as easier hygiene as the benefits of the practice.

5 Scary Chemicals That Are Still On The Market

This one is hard to track, as the main businesses that purchase this chemical consider its use "confidential business information," so there's no record of which products it might lurk in. It's associated with a laundry list of unpleasant conditions such as kidney damage, vertigo, and cardiac abnormalities.
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Why Reading a Book Can Help Us Love Our Fellow Humans

defined as “the ability to understand and share the feelings of another”—can seem to be in short supply. Technology has made it possible to go hours, days, even weeks without encountering another human face-to-face. We can work from home, order groceries online, and stay in touch with friends and family through social media.

Trying to Conceive? 7 High-Tech Fertility Monitors to Try

If you're trying to conceive, these are some of the most interesting fertility monitors available now. For at least the length of recorded history, humans have been attempting to plan and prevent pregnancy. From the practice of drinking lead in hopes of preventing pregnancy in ancient China, to dumping water on women to boost fertility in Hungary, there's always some wives' tale circulating about how women can harness their reproductive cycle. Link to Story

I've Learned That Grace is Bigger Than Any Disability!

A profile of a 15-year-old who, despite only being able to use two fingers on each hand, is a classical pianist and just released an album of her music.
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How the Bellabeat Leaf Urban Can Help You Manage Stress

As a work-from-home, home-schooling mom of two preparing to move to a new house, life has been just a tad stressful of late. Okay, super stressful. It's mostly the good kind of stress, but my nerves are still shot. Did I get today's lesson planned? When is our next house showing? Was that a deadline I just heard whooshing by? Link to Story

On Disability and Accepting Help

I'll never forget the glare I received from an elderly man when I stepped out of my car into the grocery-store parking lot one frigid January afternoon. Yes, I parked in the handicap spot, as my placard permitted, and yes, my legs work just fine. Better than fine, actually. It's the cold. Missouri winters aren't kind to my underdeveloped hands and arms.
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Memo to imperfect moms

It was one of those days when I would have given anything to be someone else. We were at the park and I watched my 3-year-old son climb the slide's ladder. He crossed the balance beam and conquered the climbing wall, and I just stood there, trying to tell my fears to shut up. I knew that, if he were to fall, these arms could not catch him. Link to Story

This kid's reaction to finding out he's cancer-free is a tearjerker.

In March 2013, Ben Morris had just turned 4 years old. That was when his parents, Casi and Mike Morris, learned he had cancer. A few short weeks later, acute lymphoblastic leukemia had transformed Ben from his rowdy self into a frail, weak child near death in a hospital bed. “We almost lost him,” Casi says.
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This Is What It's Like When Your Husband Has Parkinson's

As told to Sarah Kovac Don and Maura Horton had been married for 13 years when they found out Don was sick. Here, Maura shares how Parkinson's has impacted her husband's life, their relationship, and their family.
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8 Foods That Prove You Can Eat Healthy On a Budget

Whether you’re grocery shopping for one or trying to feed a large family, the bills can really add up—especially if you’re trying to make healthy choices. Wild salmon and organic produce aren’t cheap! But there are plenty of good-for-you items that offer a big nutritional bang for your buck. Here are 8 expert picks to add to your cart today.
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6 Things You Need To Know About Parkinson's Disease

Parkinson's disease can seem rather mysterious. For starters, it's hard to diagnose, since the only way to be certain someone had it is to physically examine her brain after death. And even once you're told that you have it, your prognosis will probably be murky, because it impacts everyone differently.
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Sarah Kovac

Sarah Kovac's journalistic efforts tend to center around health, tech and parenting, but she's constantly looking for new ways to grow as a writer. As an inspirational memoirist and speaker, she has traveled all over the U.S. and to Canada to share her story of being a wife and mother despite a disability that forces her to use her feet for most daily tasks.



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